Most of the research on the Frinks, Campbells, Stovers, Truesdales, Carters, and McGinnis families was done by my great-grandmother Bessie Mae Frink. Other research was performed by a variety of people whose names escape me at this time.

Anything you see older than say, the 1500's is increasingly just speculation. Decent speculation with clearly defined ancestoral lines - but speculation none the less.

You might notice one family line missing - my own surname Austin. My grandmother married an Alvin Austin and promptly divorced him and that was the last anyone ever saw of the man. Ironic that I can trace two separate family lines to William the Conquoror and can even include JFK as a distant cousin, but I'm stuck at 3 generations on my own paternal line. If anyone stumbles across this site while searching for info on Alvin Hubert Austin, born around 1922 in Canton, North Carolina - I'd sure appreciate a little help.